Here are some dinner ideas to try out during the summer months.  They are easy, fresh and will make your back garden smell delicious!

Stay in Pizza Night

Not only does this stainless steel outdoor gas oven cook amazing pizzas, it also allows for a versatile range of cooking techniques such as grilling, baking, roasting and smoking.  For that perfect pizza why not try a variation in toppings such as fresh fruit and cheese, like sliced strawberries and goats cheese.


From chicken and red peppers to garlic, tomato and red peppers, skewers are one of the easiest meals to put together. The Skewers can be made up for everyone’s tastes, even those fussy eaters!

On The Grill

Why not cook thick-cut potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil.  This has surely got to be the summer’s go-to side of all time and all done on the Lifestyle Bahama Island Gas Barbecue Grill, whilst cooking your main course.

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