With more and more of us doing things digitally, the good old notebook can often be placed to one side and the old-fashioned practice of putting pen to paper disregarded.  However, research shows that there are several benefits of writing things down!  Let Reunion Lifestyle help you by using their stationery products.

Whether at school, college, university or learning from home, research shows the benefits of writing things down to improve learning and memory.  Using a pen or pencil to put things on paper can help you better retain the information you are writing.  We have a range of writing tools from left-handed pencils, right-handed STABILO EASYcolors colouring pencils, to refillable and retractable gel ink rollerball pens.



Noting down your ideas and thoughts in one of our Letts Noteletts journals,  helps your brain to offload thoughts and make room for relaxation.  Writing down things you need to do or achieve by a particular time gives a sense of satisfaction when tasks have been completed and they are ticked off your list.

Using coloured Pukka repositionable self-adhesive notes, for testing your knowledge of key concepts makes it easier to remember key information as the varying colours engage your brain in active recall.  Jazzing up your notes with the use of different colours, such as STABILLO Boss assorted coloured highlighters, and STABILLO GREEN lighter pencils, act as visual prompts to help you recall the information better as well as making it look pretty!



Our quality notebooks not only stand out from the crowd but also keep your notes in a fashionable and quality notebook.  Not only do we supply A5 size notebooks but also A4, A6+ and B5.  The A6+ and B5 are perfect size notebooks for fitting in bags, briefcases and for taking detailed notes whilst on the go.  For those needing notebooks for college or university, we stock the ever-popular A6 and A5 project books, as well as A4 Pukka exercise books for homeschooling.

Reunion Lifestyle can help you write every day with their range of products.  Don’t delay, take a look today!