As the way we are living is changing, so should the way we use our homes and gardens.  Outside space is worth its weight in gold so if you have it, use it!  We all know the British summer weather can leave us feeling chilly come the evening, however, Reunion Lifestyle has you covered…..

Reunion Lifestyle has a new range joining our outdoor heating selection, The NOVA LED Flame by Enders® from Lifestyle. This range of Large NOVA LED Flames to come in two sizes and two colours, large and medium, black and grey,  and are the winner of the German Design Award 2021, Medium NOVA LED

Enders® has captured the element in a new way, creating an impression of flames that is as relaxed as it is fascinating.  It is modern, aesthetic and compact, making it easy to position in almost any outdoor location.  A must-have addition for any contemporary garden during those cooler summer evenings and autumnal days spent with family and friends.

For those warm summer days as well as those cold winter nights, our Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs have proven ever popular to create an oasis at home.  Many premium features come as standard in every model including a rapid heating system, Freezeshield™ technology for all year-round use, an energy saving timer, ChemConnect dispenser, built-in cup holders, inflatable lid and reinforced insulating cover with safety lock clips and advanced safety features.  We have a range of hot tubs in stock, Like the Lay Z Spa Cancun and available to pre-order, such as the Lay Z Spa Moritz

There are also many health benefits of using a Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub such as increasing blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar control and reducing chronic inflammation.

All of our Lay-Z-Spas come with a standard warranty and offer a free extendable warranty of up to 2 years at no extra cost.  Explore our range today and discover the perfect Lay-Z-Spa for YOU! 

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